Messolonghi Town and  Lagoon

The Town

Messolonghi  is a vivid, non-touristic city with friendly and welcoming people.
This economical and cultural capital of the Greek region Aitoloakarnania has over 15.000 inhabitants and is located in the centre of a delta area.
Overlooking the beautiful lagoon and the mountains, the city gives the ultimate holiday feeling.

Messolonghi is also known as the “Holy” city. It earned this name due to the heroic behaviour of the inhabitants during the independence fight against the Turkish occupiers in the 19th Century.
The various monuments and museums show the town’s rich (political) history.

Eat and dance with the Greeks in a local restaurant, ouzo taverna or bar.


For Messolonghi the production of sea salt by means of the large salt pans, is an important source of income. Also the salt works attract many particular sea birds.


The Lagoon

The Messolonghi lagoon is one of the most important wetlands of Europe.        You will encounter birds of prey, amphibians, reptiles, swamp and sea turtles.
During sunset, the small fishing boats lie waiting quietly. The lagoon is an area full of fish.
The sea is protected by the Ramsar Convention Rules and the land by Natura 2000.


Natural Mud and Salt Spa’s

Just minutes away from the Marina lays the best kept secrets from Europe:       The natural mud and salt spa’s.  Every season thousands of Greeks take a refreshing and healing mineral mud or salt bath.


Several beaches are located close to the Messolonghi Marina. They can be reached on foot, by boat, bicycle or car.
A beautifull small beach near the Patras Gulf is Tourlida Beach.