New mooring lines

Recently we have placed new mooring lines in the “big boat basin”, yachts up to 40 meters.
More and more mega yachts chose Messolonghi Marina as their permanent base.
To service these clients better, we have installed new 46 mm mooring lines (breaking load 40 T).
New mooring lines 1

New mooring lines 2

Exodus celebrations of the sacred city of Messolonghi 2014


Exodus celebrations of the sacred city of Messolonghi 2014
DE LANSAC 1828 Σκηνή από την έξοδο του Μεσολογγίου
De Lansac 1828


Friday 11 of April 2014
20.00 The sacred city of Messolonghi honours the French Philellenes in the Garden of Heroes

21.00 Final rehearsal of the final blasting reconstruction of the hero Christos Kapsalis with the participation of the Messolonghi choir

Saturday 11 of April 2014
10.00 – 11.00 Arrival of the representatives of the foreign countries and of the Greek Government

11.15 Memorial service at the Philellenes tomb in the Garden of Heroes

12.00 Transport of the Exodus Icon and the Holly Cross from the museum-art gallery in the central square of Messolonghi to St. Spyridon cathedral
Starting of the 32nd Thysia’s Sailiong Race Patras – Messolonghi.

12.20 Memorial service dedicated to Josef Rogon, Bishop of Messolonghi during the independence war

18.30 Awards to the winners of the sailing race at the Museum-Gallery at the Central Square

20.00 Start of the big Parade from St. Spiridon to the Garden of Heroes

Sunday 12 of April 2014
11.00 Start of the morning Parade from St. Spiridon Cathedral to the Garden of Heroes

18.30 Return of Exodus Icon from the Garden of Heroes to the Museum-Art Gallery at the Central Square
Lowering of the Flag

Further information about the ceremonies and tours can obtained from our
local Tour guide Mrs. Penelope Blanga Tel: + 30 6932801753

March 2014 Messolonghi Marina News letter 02

Marina chandlery now officially opened

The marina chandlery has now officially opened.
All products for yacht maintenance can be supplied. Products that are not in stock can normally be delivered within 24 hours.
Dimitris Zervas and Vangelis Vasileiou are welcoming you, also for technical advice and assistance.

Il Chandlery marina è ora ufficialmente aperto.
Tutti i prodotti per la manutenzione yacht possono essere forniti. I prodotti che non sono in magazzino normalmente possono essere consegnati entro 24 ore.
Dimitris Zervas e Vangelis Vasileiou si sono accoglienti, anche per la consulenza e assistenza tecnica

L’accastillage de la marina est officiellement ouvert.
Tous les produits de l’entretien de yachts peuvent être fournis. Les produits qui ne sont pas en magasin normalement peuvent être livrés dans 24 heures.
Dimitris Zervas et Vangelis Vasileiou vous accueillent, aussi pour des conseils et assistance technique

Der Schiffsausrüster hat nun offiziell eröffnet.
Alle Produkte für Yacht-Wartung können geliefert werden. Produkte, die nicht vorrätig sind, können in der Regel innerhalb von 24 Stunden geliefert werden.
Dimitris Zervas und Vangelis Vasileiou heißen Sie herzlich willkommen, auch für technische Beratung und Unterstützung

Το ναυτιλιακό κατάστημα της Μαρίνας έχει πλέον ανοίξει επίσημα.
Όλα τα προϊόντα για την συντήρηση των σκαφών μπορούν να διατίθονται. Προϊόντα που δεν είναι σε απόθεμα μπορούν κανονικά να παραδοθούν μέσα σε 24 ώρες.
Ο Δημήτρης Ζέρβας και ο Βαγγέλης Βασιλείου σας περιμένουν, επίσης για τεχνικές συμβουλές και βοήθεια.

Chandlery 1
Dimitris Zervas (left) and Vangelis Vasileiou (right) in the new chandlery

Open: 9.00 -21.00 hours
Tel: + 30 26310-55313

March 2014 Messolonghi Marina News letter

Subject: New boat tax
With this letter we like to inform you on the current situation according the planned new boat tax in Greece.

As it seems nothing will be charged until an official Ministerial decision is taken which will describe the procedures in detail regarding payment terms ((e-payment terms, tax authorities, port police checking and control, etc.).

Also the tax regulation seems to be in conflict with the EU rules.
Both the Greek Marina Association and the European Sailing Federation are protesting against it.

As it looks now it still will take a long time before the new tax actually will be charged.

We will keep you posted on this subject.

January 2014 Messolonghi Marina News letter

Agreement for the extension of the Marina is signed

In January 2014 the agreement for the extension of the marina is signed at the Ministry of Tourism in Athens.
We are now preparing all necessary licenses etc. and taking price offers for the various works.
The start of the works is planned after the high season. First works will be started outside of the current marina area.

Photo signing the agreement

Signing the agreement at the Ministry of Tourism

December 2013 Messolonghi Marina Newsletter

First of all we want to thank all our guests for having their boat in our marina. Your trust and confidence in the marina staff and management is highly appreciated. It is shown by the large number of boats and the fact that many of you have already signed annual and multi annual agreements. 2013 Was an exciting year with many changes. Since April we have a new marina board. The management team is strengthened with the appointment of Gregory Lakkas as operational manager and Mata Masoura is promoted to office manager. Erich van Ham is appointed as part-time advisor for all environmental licenses, waste management and safety issues. Dimitros Stathis and Christos Bellas have joined the marinero/guard team.

The website is upgraded and will be completed within the next weeks. One of the new web-services is the item YACHT SALES. All yachts in the marina that are for sale, can be published on this page, at no costs. Although the Greek Government wants to raise new taxes on recreational yachts, the prospects for 2014 are looking good.

Greece is still one of the most beautiful and least expensive sailing areas of Europe. We keep on trying to make your stay as nice as possible by continuously upgrading the Marina and the Marina services.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to see you back in the Marina in good health and spirit.