The Lagoon

The Messolonghi Lagoon is one of the most important wetlands of Europe. Here you will discover birds of prey, amphibians, reptiles, swamp and sea turtles.
During the sunset, the small fishing boats sail out for another of fishing in the lavish lagoon, an area full of fish.
For hundreds of years fishing has been done in the same way by using fish barrier traps.
The Lagoon is home to many different species. You will find even the rare Dalmatian pelican in this important breeding area.
The area is protected by the Ramsar Convention Rules and is also included in the Natura 2000 network, as many other important wetlands such as Bahia Cadic in Spain, the Camarque in France and the Waddenzee in Holland.

Do you want to experience the real lagoon? Get into a local fishing boat and visit the traditional Pelades, fishing cabins built on wooden piles, or get your bike or car and just drive along.