Fall in love with Messolonghi Lagoon

Messolonghi Laguna. As I see you always being without fierce waves, laughing and sleeping. Laguna I love you.


Messolonghi Marina located in the middle of the unique preserved Messolonghi Lagoon area, and not yet discovered by tourists.
Many Greek Poets wrote about the beauty of this special low land delta.
Even the ancient Greeks knew it: here you can enjoy beautiful scenery, the natural Spa, the best fish and extraordinary caviar.
Experience it yourself: sail along the Ionian Island, observe the majestic low flying sea birds and see the turtles that swim under your ship or clamber from the water.  Step ashore and enjoy our hospitality. Discover the true Greek live on the sea, in the city and in the region and take a rejuvenating healthy mud or salt bath – just like the ancient (and the contemporary) Greek.